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2 Free & Easy Projects

Benny Joy SmithComment

To start things off with the Thrifty Crafts, I bring you 2 super easy and super free-sy projects to give your place a little pizzazz (insert over-exagerrated jazz hands here). These projects will take you very little time or effort and once you're finished you will say to yourself "Why didn't I think of that before?" *

* No money-back guarantee.

Are you ready? Let's get crafty!

Project #1: String Wall Display

I like to think of this as the cutest wall planner you will ever find. I use it to display all those little notes and lists I have lying around and it's a great place to peg those pieces of paper that you like and collect, but have no idea what to do with. 

NOTE: Please excuse the grainy nature of the photo, my room has pretty poor lighting. Ergh. 

What you will need:

- String

- Large drawing/push pins

- Wall

- Pegs, for hanging



  1. First, select your wall of choice (it's a good idea to put it above a desk or area where you work often) and figure out how many rows of string you want.
  2. Line up the push pins and push them halfway into the wall. 
  3. Measure out the length of string you want by placing between the push pins and cut (leave a little extra on each end of the string)
  4. Wind the string around each pin a few times, keeping the string reasonably tight depending on how slack you want the string to be. Press the push pins fully into the wall, securing the string in place.
  5. Now you decorate! You can use any pegs you have around the place or you can go to any craft or stationary shop or probably even Kmart, for mini pegs like I did.

Project #2: Ribbon Picture Hanger

This project is so simple it really isn't a project at all, it's more of a way to hang pictures in a cute way. Often when you go to hang pictures, you just use a space where a hook is already placed (who can be bothered, right?) so it's frustrating when the hook is not right for the picture, as in the picture has two weird teeth on it (see below)

Really, this is a way of making lemonade out of lemons. Cute lemonade too. 

You will need:

- Said difficult picture

- Lacey ribbon (or other ribbon of your choosing)



  1. This is pretty self explanatory. Basically, you measure a length of ribbon, and tie a single knot of ribbon to each tooth (is that even what they're called?). 
  2. Once you're happy with the length, tie a single bow around the first knot so it looks like this:

     3. And there you go, now just hang the picture and breathe a sigh of relief that you didn't have to resort to power tools.