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Cup Planters

Benny Joy SmithComment

Today's craft comes to you courtesy of my aunt, a super clever and creative lady just brimming with ideas! I present to you the cutest (and cheapest) pot planters the world has ever seen; Cup Planters! These gorgeous and thrifty planters are the perfect addition to any coffee table and provide a stunning live centrepiece that is great to bringing a splash of colour into any room. 

This nifty idea is as simple as it is cheap. All you need is some cups/jugs/goblets/ceramic elephants from any opshop (you can usually pick them up for around 50 cents or so), dirt and a few little plants. My aunt sourced her plants from Trade Me for a steal. Succulents are the best choice as they don't require much watering (perfect for all you forgetful gardeners) and they thrive in dry, warm environments. Also, they're purrty. 

It's important you don't use plants that require being outdoors (unless you want to keep your planters outside) or need lots of space for the roots to grow. It helps to do a little research before you buy, or else you may end up with a graveyard in your living room. 

The steps to make these are basically self-explanatory: dirt in cup, plant in dirt, pack down dirt, water, enjoy. Simple.