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Envelope Bunting

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Quick question: Who here received a pile of Christmas cards in the mail last year? Yeah, me neither. Okay, but who planned to send Christmas cards but never got around to it and now has a giant stack of red and green cards and envelopes scattered around your house haunting you at every turn? Nope can't say I do, either. How about this, who here has envelopes? Yes, yes I do. Great! Well, now we can put that to good use with the latest nifty, thrifty DIY idea: Envelope Bunting! 

Everyone has heard of and seen plenty of bunting around the place. If you haven't then you must be a very unhappy person indeed. Bunting has become incredibly popular within the last couple of years, and not just in the sailing community. Gone are the days when bunting was simply used on ships and across lanes at your local swimming pool, it is now a regular at many weddings, birthdays, shop fronts and used to adorn the bedrooms of children the world around. Bunting has taken over the DIY world! 

But now, in my opinion, the simple triangle shaped flags need a makeover, a refresher if you will. Cue: Envelope Bunting. What better way to recycle those envelopes you have lying around the place (the ones you swore you would find another use for) than to create bunting? Yeah, no, there is no other way. Trust me. Not only does envelope bunting look fabulous, it is also FREE! By using envelopes you already have, some string and tape (who doesn't have tape and string?) you can create this DIY idea in an afternoon and without spending a single cent! Happy dance!

Envelope Bunting

You will need:



  1. Arrange your envelopes in the order you want them to appear, leaving a gap of around an inch between each envelope. Cut a length of string as long as you want the bunting to be, making sure to leave an extra 30cm of string on each end for tying. 
  2. To attach the envelopes to the string, select the envelope that will be in the centre of the string of bunting. Place in the middle of the string and open the 'flap' of the envelope and position the string along the top fold. Secure string in place with the clear tape.
  3. Next, close the flap and secure in place with the washi tape. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with each envelope until you have completed your string.
  5. Finally, hang the bunting on your wall, step back and admire your handiwork!


You can extra bit of pizzazz to your bunting, by adding a quote or inspirational saying to some of the envelopes and arranging them alternately to the plain envelopes on the string, as I have done with this beautiful quote by Mother Theresa: