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Wool Stitched Canvas Art

DecorBenny Joy SmithComment

This week's craft idea, is a super cool, quirky and easy way to jazz up an old and boring canvas print. Presenting: Wool Stitched Canvas Art. Admittedly, it is not the prettiest of names, I was just really uninspired when it came to choosing a name. But it puts across the idea of the craft, so whatevs. 

To make this art piece requires no prior sewing experience (yay!), a very small amount of cash (if any) and not a huge amount of time to create. Meaning this cute piece of decor saves you time, money and your sanity. Thank goodness for thrifty crafts! 

I purchased the canvas and the wool from The Warehouse. The canvas cost $15 and the wool cost $3.99. You can use any old canvas you like, in fact you could paint your own design and stitch on top of that, which would give you a cheaper and unique piece of art. If you have wool lying around the house, use that too. I didn't have any in the colour I wanted so I had to purchase some. You can also use more than one colour of wool if you like.

Ready to get your craft on? Read on.

Wool Stitched Canvas Art


You will need:


  1. Using the tapestry needle, pierce a hole in the canvas along the edge of the subject you want to highlight. Continue piercing holes around the subject, leaving approximately 5mm space between each hole. Stop after you have pierced holes all the way around the subject. 
  2. Now, pierce another row of holes, offset from the original holes, at various lengths. This creates a cool wave-like pattern with the coloured wool.
  3. Thread a needle with the wool and tie a knot at the end. It doesn't matter what length of wool is used, as you can always tie off the ends on the reverse side of the canvas and start a new stitch at the next available hole.
  4. Start sewing! For the first stitch, thread the needle through the first hole closest to the subject from the reverse side, leaving the knot on the reverse side of the canvas. Pull all the wool through the hole. Then thread the wool through the corresponding second hole and continue sewing all the holes until you have completed your masterpiece.