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Salmon & Oat Patties (Low FODMAP & Gluten Free)

Benny Joy SmithComment

Saturday night is takeaway night for most families. Unless your gluten intolerant or on the low FODMAP diet in which case it is leftover night, or worse, salad night. Not that I have anything against salads! In fact, I love a good salad, but on a Saturday night when all you want is some delicious hot food, a few lettuce leaves is not going to cut it. So I bring you a delicious, simple and quick dish perfect for dinner on a Saturday night: salmon & oat patties!

Noodles With Slivered Beef and Capsicum (Low FODMAP & Gluten Free)

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I am a huge fan of Chinese-inspired food, especially meals that have noodles. And meat. And sauce. And vegetables. And flavour! Basically, I just love food. So here is one of my favourite dishes: Noodles with Slivered Beef and Capsicum. This dish is equal parts noodles, meat, sauce and awesomeness. It is so quick to prepare, but so full of flavour that your family will think you've spent hours in the kitchen. Okay, maybe not, but you get what I'm saying; it's good! 

Spaghetti Bolognese (Low FODMAP & Gluten Free)

PastaBenny Joy SmithComment

Ah, spag bol. The meal of the comfort food gods. I have had many happy memories of sitting at the dinner table at the end of a long day and chowing down on this beautifully meaty spaghetti dish. It nearly broke my heart when I thought I could never eat it again. The original recipe has a large amount of high FODMAP foods including onion, garlic, beef stock (which usually contains onions and garlic) and pasta. Practically torture for the IBS sufferer.