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Introducing Outfit of the Week

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

When people think of fashion, they often think of runways, designers and mega $$$. Not many people know that it doesn't have to be like that! What determines a beautiful piece of clothing or outfit is not the price tag. In fact, you can put together stylish and chic outfits on a meagre budget. 

To prove my point, I bring you Outfit of the Week. This is a weekly post of an outfit (or outfits) I have put together during the week. I'm challenging myself to do this with a budget of $100 or less, meaning the total price of the outfit has to be under $100, using items of clothing that are already part of my wardrobe and also new purchases. NOTE: You will notice repeat items (this is not Pretty Little Liars after all) as this is fashion on a budget. 

This is a subject that is pretty close to my heart. My family has never been well off so buying clothing was often a struggle as there were other things that had to be paid for. Because of this I have been purchasing most of my own clothing since I was 12. This has helped me find ways of dressing well with a small price tag and has helped me hone my own sense of style. Around 3/4 of my wardrobe at the moment is secondhand and the rest was purchased on sale or at outlet stores. I am living proof that fashion is affordable, and if I can do it then so can you.  It's all about knowing what suits you and wearing what YOU like. 

So without further ado, here is my first Outfit of the Week:

Hat: $15, Black Velvet Bodysuit: $7, Thing Thing Denim Dress: $30, Tights: $10, Kathryn Wilson Shoes: $25.


And there you go, fashion on a budget. Keep an eye out for next week's Outfit of the Week!