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Outfit of the Week Nombre Onze (11, duh)

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

Recently a friend of mine made a comment regarding the Outfit of the Week posts. He said that it's all well and good to say you bought a pair of shoes from the Salvation Army, but what is the point of that? It's not like you can go in to the Sallies and pick up an identical pair of shoes in your size, right? Well yeah, fair point. To all those out there who are equally as confused as my pal, let me clarify my reasoning as to why I include those items in my posts. It's like this; I'm not trying to say, "If you go to the Sallies you can get this exact jacket for $5!", no siree, by including these one-of-a-kind opshopped items my aim is to show you what kind of items you can find at opshops. I guess you could say, I'm trying to lead by example. Encouraging you to save big bucks by buying your clothes from secondhand stores, and proving you can still look fresh and on-trend (results may vary).

Opshops are an awesome mismatch of all different types of clothing, there is always so much to discover in each and every store. And yes, often there are some horrible relics from fashion's past, but that just adds to the fun of the whole experience! Who doesn't love having a laugh at the hot pink taffeta gown with sleeves for days and a bow the size of a small bulldog attached to the rear? Just imagine the poor girl who actually wore it. She probably had nightmares for weeks.

Often hidden among the many strange, strange (and did I say strange?) clothes you will find something truly unique and beautiful. Nothing can beat that moment of excitement at finding that one pair of last season Lee jeans that fit like a dream, make your butt look fabulous and cost $23! True story, guys. What a day that was. Let me just finish with this nugget of wisdom; give secondhand stores a chance y'all! At least once in your life set aside a day, drive from opshop to opshop and pore through the racks. Make a day of it, you never know what you will find...

Now about this week's outfit, truth be told I've been feeling a little nostalgic recently, remembering the good old days of being a 90s kid. The high ponytails, lace up boots, big navy coats and let's not forget the school satchel, that big brown case you used to lug grudgingly to school everyday. What a decade the 90s were! I'm so glad 90s grunge has come back into fashion. Now we can revive those trends that defined (maybe even scarred) our childhoods so vividly! I hope you enjoy this small journey down memory lane as much as I do.

Polka Dot Shirt: $5 from Dress for Success Charity Sale  Denim Dungaree Dress: $6.99 from Save Mart  Black Bike Shorts: $20 from Cotton On Body  Black Socks: $2 from The Warehouse  Brown Ankle Boots: $2 from Hurunui Re-use/Recycling Centre  Brown Leather Satchel: $14 from Save Mart

TOTAL: $49.99