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Outfit of the Week #12

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

Fashion is a funny thing. I mean think about it, clothes are, at the very least, made to cover up our bits. When and how clothing became a way of expressing a person's uniqueness, and sense of style is a mystery as old as time. But now, by acknowledging the role of clothing in personal expression, fashion has become an industry. The higher powers of fashion are constantly churning out new interpretations of the same items of clothing and putting them under the category of "must have". If you are not wearing what is trendy and expensive, you are not fashionable, stylish, chic or any of the other adjectives used to describe the fashion elite.  

The fact that one item of clothing can be deemed "fashionable" while another is "positively hideous" is strange. What is it that classifies one piece of clothing better than another? Who says that Coco Chanel is more fashionable than Billy Joel? The fashion industry have us believing that we need to be on trend to be fashionable, when in reality fashion and what you wear are all a matter of personal taste and opinion.

Fashion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. 

Although this is my personal belief, others do not share it. Too often they lose what makes them unique and different in the name of "looking cool". Well, to you I say, give it up. Trying to impress others by looking like them may seem like a good idea, but in reality they don't give a hoot and you come off feeling less like yourself. Dress in what you like and what suits you and not only will you feel better, people will notice. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your personality. You can't really get it wrong.

However in saying that, sneans, crocs and scrunchies are a fashion disaster and should be avoided at all costs. If you so much as touch these items, sanitise immediately and burn the offending objects. You have been warned. 

Country Road Shirt: $7 from Dress for Success Sale  Black Skirt: $15 from Valleygirl  Grey Socks: $10 from Glassons  Shoes: $2 from Hurunui Recycling/Reuse Store  Sunglasses: $20 from Glassons

TOTAL: $54