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Outfit of the Week #14 + The Benefit of Lay-by

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

As promised, this week I am going to rant on fashion. Well, not so much rant as give my enlightening opinion on the awesome benefits of lay-by. Lay-what, you say? Yes, I know lay-by is pretty much non-existent in most stores these days, and I really don't blame you if you haven't heard of it. But if you come from an era where lay-by was the norm, then you'll know what I'm getting at.

In brief, lay-by is when you pay off an item over a period of around 6 weeks by making small, regular deposits in store and once you have fully paid it off you can take the item home, although most stores don't do that these days because of credit cards and the introduction of "12 Months Interest Free", a concept I very much dislike. Intensely. Like, you have no idea. Stores are encouraging and making money off your debt. That is not okay with me. Lay-by however, has no interest, no credit and no debt owing to anyone. You pay what you can, when you can and not a penny more.

The stores that still have a lay-by option are usually high-fashion stores, shoe shops and children's toy stores (e.g. Toyworld). I like to use lay-by when buying shoes, and not because I have some weird obsession with footwear, but because I believe that investing in a good pair of shoes is one of life's necessities. You only get one pair of feet, and they have to lug you around for your entire life. Poor things. I want to take care of my feet and at the same time I want my shoes to last. Synthetic leather? Oh, hell nah. Genuine leather is where it's at. Yes, real leather is the hyde of a dead cow. Yes, that may leave you with a graphic mental picture. But the reality is, leather shoes are the best you can get. Not only is leather more durable - so they will last much longer than synthetic - but it also stretches to the shape of your foot, meaning less blisters, discomfort and unattractive hobbling. That is why I buy footwear that costs more than a week's rent. Buying genuine leather, hand-crafted shoes means that not only are your feet in good hands (ha, get it?) but that the shoes will last - granted you take good care of them - for many years. Which in turn saves you big $$ in the long run. Bonus!

Plus, they're purrty:

L-R - Mi Piaci Green Suede Boots: $169 from Overland Outlet @ Dress Smart Hornby  Django & Juliette Boots: $279 from Moda Bella 

Jacket: $40 from Recycle Boutique  Black Bodysuit (worn underneath): $7 from Dress for Success Sale  Forever 21 Pants: $25 from Preloved Clothing  Kathryn Wilson Shoes: $25 from Preloved Clothing

TOTAL: $97.00