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Outfit of the Week #18

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

What a successful opshopping week it has been! After last week's post I decided enough is enough. I needed to smell the slightly musty aroma of bargain clothing and I needed it now. So I headed off to a couple of secondhand hotspots and got to work trolling the racks for hidden gems to bulk up my thinning wardrobe.

First up was Preloved Clothing, a gorgeous little secondhand boutique on Milton St. A favourite opshop of mine, Preloved Clothing works on a "sell on behalf" basis, meaning if you get the pleasure of being able to sell your wares here, you get a cut of the profit. The owner is known for her picky nature and will only sell clothing that is in fantastic condition and/or designer clothing, so you know when you go there you will only come away with the best quality garments possible. This time I was not disappointed, coming away from my shopping experience with a merino sweater, genuine leather skirt (both shown below), cropped owl t-shirt and Witchery black ankle boots. Huzzah!

Next up on my hit list was Save Mart Hornby, a huge warehouse full of fashion potential! After a good 45 minutes of scrounging, I came away with a navy chiffon shift dress ($9.99) and black Country Road jeans ($16.99) both in incredible condition and both too good to resist. 

Finally, Recycle Boutique. Another "sell on behalf" boutique located in The Tannery, a boutique and designer label hub for the rich and financially endowed among us. Recycle Boutique is THE place to go if you are looking for designer and name brands at massively reduced prices, and because they update their stock everyday, you can shop there once a week and find new treasures every time. By this point, my wallet had already taken a slight battering, so I was satisfied purchasing a cute high-waisted floral pencil skirt, that may or may not have been made from Grandma's curtains, for a reasonable $24.20. 

So yes, it has been a week of excitement aplenty. But enough about me and my successful start to my winter wardrobe overhaul, let's get on with the program. 

Headscarf: FREE from family friend  Standard Issue Merino Knit Top: $50 from Preloved Clothing  Just Jeans Genuine Leather Skirt: $40 from Preloved Clothing  Socks: $3.30 from Cotton On Body  Navy Suede Shoes: $4.50 from Salvation Army

TOTAL: $97.80