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Outfit of the Week #19

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

This week I'm bringing back the boho. Not that it ever left mind you, but I feel like it needs a little more of a spotlight because it's just so darn cool. Floaty florals, headbands, brown leather everything, it just makes you feel so chill and free. Like you can breathe again. Like you're not stuck in the city, surrounded by noise and cars and lights and people. Ugh, people. 

You will notice though, that I am wearing long sleeves and long pants. That, my dear friends, is because summer is over. Winter is coming. No longer can knees and elbows be exposed to the world through short floaty dresses, we must cover up if we are to endure the harshness of the colder months. And that means we must layer, preferably with the warmth of wool. Mmmm wool.   But just because we're covered and layered don't mean we can't still embrace summer patterns and styles. Nothing helps to brighten up winter more than florals and bright colours. My advice: embrace your inner boho chick (or dude, if you are so inclined) and keep colour alive. Colour, and layers. I don't want you to freeze to death. 

Hair Chain: $9.99 from Equip  Waistcoat: $4.99 from Save Mart  Country Road Shirt: $7 from Dress for Success sale  Country Road Jeans: $16.99 from Save Mart  Brown Leather Shoes: $2 from Hurunui Recycle/Re-use Centre

TOTAL: $40.97