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Outfit of the Week #20 - Photoshoot

Benny Joy Smith1 Comment

We made it! This is my 20th Outfit of the Week post! Hurrah, I am so super duper excited right now, and you should be too because to celebrate this week I did a full on Urban Grunge-style photoshoot with a close photographer friend of mine. Not only that (yes, I really do spoil you guys) but I have done not one but TWO outfits for you this week. What?! This is utter madness. 

This shoot was very kindly photographed and edited by Andrei Talili of Gingerflip Studios. He is a real professional guys, trust me. You should also check out his Tumblr, Instagram, and VSCO pages if you feel like treating your eyes. They will thank you for it. 

But enough of these words, here are the Outfits of the Week numero 20.

Outfit #1 

Wool Hat: $15 from The Warehouse  Burgundy Cardigan: $4 from Tasman Traders  Stripe Crop Tee: $10 from Glassons  Floral Skirt: $24.20 from Recycle Boutique  Stripe Socks: $3.30 from Cotton On Body  Black Heels: $6.99 from Save Mart

TOTAL: $63.49

Outfit #2

Necklace: $5 from Bling  Velvet Dress: $11 from Tasman Traders  Columbine Tights: $19.99 from Farmers  Roc Leather Boots: $20 from Wild Pair Dressmart 

TOTAL: $55.99