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Outfit of the Week #4

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

After an extremely successful opshopping trip last week, it was not hard to put together this week's Outfit of the Week. Because of how cheap it was I was even able to add in a couple of accessories to bring the price up a little (cheeky, I know).

The photo was taken outside the Heritage Hotel in the centre of Christchurch, during Heritage Week, hence the vintage car. The building is truly a stunning piece of architecture and an incredible testament to the strength of it's construction, as it had only minor damage in the earthquakes. It was amazing to see! 

Also, excuse the photo quality, it was taken on a phone. 

Dungaree Dress: $6.99  Velvet Bodysuit: $7  Tights: $4  Shoes: $4.50  Headscarf: FREE  Sunglasses: $34.95  Bag: $29.95

TOTAL: $87.39