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Outfit of the Week #6

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

I am not a skater. Not even close. My balance and co-ordination are so shocking that I am terrified to even attempt to ride anything other than a bike. Jokes! I ride tricycles occasionally. I always wished I could be one of those people who ride longboards near the beach, with bleached denim cut-offs and Ray Bans on my head. Those people seem so effortlessly cool and awesome, it's not even fair. My one try with a longboard required me leaning on someone and making them push me along, wobbling and screaming down the footpath at 1 km/hr, which was way too fast for me!  

In light of this revelation, and remaining on the subject of skating, I have named this week's outfit Hippie Skater Chic, a mash up of hippie and skater style. Note that in the photo I am holding the skateboard as I attempted to stand on it but came close to cracking my head open, which in retrospect would've been a great photo...

Blood and guts aside, here is this week's Outfit of the Week:

Thing Thing Dress: $30 from Recycle Boutique  White Crochet Cardigan (worn around waist): $15 from Recycle Boutique  Red Vans: $10 from Save Mart  Stripe Socks: $3.30  Headband: FREE - drawstring from a pair of shorts

TOTAL: $58.30