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Outfit of the Week #7

Benny Joy SmithComment

Wow, it's been seven weeks of Outfit of the Week already! How time flies when you're too busy to realise. Hey, that unintentionally rhymed! That deserves a self high-five. Whoop. But it is true, these past seven weeks have been crazy busy trying to get this darn blog started. Late nights and hours upon hours spent hunched over a computer to bring you the brilliance that is A Thrifty Philosophy.

But enough about me, thank you for reading my rambling and encouraging me in this process! Keep it up guys, I truly appreciate it.

So on to the seventh Outfit of the Week. When it comes to these posts, I try to prepare and sort through my wardrobe, planning future posts and making sure I'm prepared, but in the end I just photograph what I happen to pick out on the day. That is the case with this outfit. A quick glance in the wardrobe and I was dressed and ready for work in five minutes. It also just so happened to be under $100 so voila! Outfit of the Week #7:

Red Blazer: $40 from Recycle Boutique  T-shirt: $5.99 from Save Mart  Denim Skirt: $6.99 from Save Mart  Socks: $3.30 from Cotton On Body  Shoes: $2 from Hurunui Recycling/Re-use Store


TOTAL:  $58.28