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Outfit of the Week #8 + Retropolitan

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

Today was just one of those days where you feel like going somewhere new, or in this case old. Retropolitan is one such place. Just on the corner of Fitzgerald Ave and Hereford St, this adorable little 60s-style opshop is filled with treasures as far as the eye can see! Some of the items they had included genuine Crown Lynn crockery sets, vintage furniture pieces and a gorgeous variety of 60s and 70s clothing. Basically, it was vintage heaven! Luckily, I had a busy day ahead of me so I didn't get the chance to leave with the whole store. But one day...

I ended up purchasing two items (or three if you want to get technical); a brand new pair of black English leather gloves for $31 and a mystery item for a future DIY project. Don't worry, soon all will be revealed...

Alright, onto this week's outfit. You will notice I am wearing jeans. That is because it is cold. No summer here. Not even a whiff. I have been reduced to wearing layers. LAYERS. I am nearly in crisis mode, it is that cold. But we're making the best of it, and looking awesome while we're at it. So take that, crappy weather!

Purple merino jersey: $6.99 from Save Mart  Orange Satchel: $50 from Industria  Jeans: $26 from NZ Sale  Navy Socks: $3 from Farmers  Brown Leather Shoes: $2 from Hurunui Recycle/Re-use Store

TOTAL: $87.99