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Outfit of the Week #9 = DOUBLE WHAMMY TIME

FashionBenny Joy SmithComment

Two for one. Buy one get one free. Killing two birds with one stone. You get it, this week there is not one but TWO outfits to choose from, and why is that? Because it's party season! I thought we could celebrate this astounding revelation with a two for one deal. Not that you're paying for anything in the first place, but it has a nice ring to it don't ya think?

Speaking of rings, last weekend I had the amazing pleasure of attending two weddings. That's right two whole weddings! Considering these were the first weddings I've been to in thirteen years, I had a ball. I loved being there to witness dear friends of mine enter a new chapter in their lives, and seeing the utter love and devotion each person had for the other was truly emotional. You couldn't help but leave thinking, "I want what they're having." Love is truly in the air. Yay, for being hopelessly alone. 

But enough about my lack of a thriving love life, let's party! For this week, I have one outfit for under $50 and another for under $100, so matter what your budget is you can still look like a show-stopper!






Outfit #1 - under $50

Trollied Dolly Dress: $30 from Wear Else  Windsor and Smith Heels: $5 from a Dress for Success sale  Pink Stud Earrings: $3.30 from Equip

TOTAL: $38.30

Outfit #2 - under $100

Floral Playsuit: $25 from  Black Heels: $50 from Number One Shoes  Black and Silver Earrings: FREE from my Mum's jewellery box

TOTAL: $75.00