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Opshopping Fun & Outfit of the Week #3

Benny Joy SmithComment

Yesterday was quite a day. Not only did the temperature reach a stinkin' 27 degrees (in October, what?) but it was a great day for some opshopping and quality time with a good friend. 

We started our mini expedition at Tasman Traders, a gorgeous jewel hidden in the bowels of Montreal St. After about an hour of searching, we emerged with an armful of treasures. I purchased a cropped sleeve red rain coat (perfect for summer festivals), a textured burgundy cardigan, a white and denim button up skirt, the quirkiest and most colourful fur vest I have ever seen, a grey velvet Abercrombie & Fitch skirt, floral shorts and, just because I could, a pair of baby hiking boots. All of these items totalled a minuscule $24!

From there we moved onto our favourite opshop destination Save Mart. And boy, was that successful! This time we took around an hour and a half to peruse and emerged with another few items of value. I decided to mix up my purchases with a few non-clothing items including a brand new leather satchel, a few books and a Bing Crosby CD in excellent condition. Who can resist that voice? Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Save Mart without some great clothing buys and this trip did not disappoint. I picked up an awesome distressed denim skirt, a denim dungaree dress and possibly the greatest purchase yet, a genuine near new condition pair of red Vans. In my size. For $9.99. That's not a typo. They really were only $10. Happy days! So all those items totalled $45.94 , bringing the grand total of this shopping expedition to $69.94. That makes an average of $3.88 per item for 18 items.

Okay, now for Outfit of the Week #3. For this week's outfit, I was a little hot and bothered and really not keen to be photographed in any light other than black. So I recruited my opshopping pal George to be my model for this week. Ironically, we basically turned up wearing matching outfits, but hers was cheaper so this week's OOTW is an outfit under $20! Enjoy:

Dress: $8, from AliExpress  Jelly Shoes: $10   Bag (not shown): FREE

Keep an eye out for next week's outfit. If you have any suggestions for an occasion I could put an outfit together for, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me :)