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IBS & The Stress Factor

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We've all been there; at the point of desperation, surrounded by piles of work both literal and metaphorical, feeling like you cannot cope with the amount of stuff in your life, unable to relax, unable to cope, just generally unable, right? Yup, stress is the pits. For those of you other lucky souls who are also trying to cope with IBS, stress is even worse. Stress ruins your gut. Bloating, stabbing pains and diarrhoea are just a few of the lovely extras that stress brings to the IBS party. 

I Hate Food

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Maybe I should rephrase that; I hate what food does to me. Food and I are not friends. Food hurts me. Food causes me pain. Food stresses me out. Food, because of IBS, has become my enemy. Subconsciously of course, but an enemy none the less. If food were my boyfriend, I would dump it on it's behind.